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Changes are afoot.  

As I mentioned on my LinkedIn page and via a fairly broad e-mail, Onvia and I are parting ways effective March 1. The parting is amicable and Onvia is abiding by every commitment they made to me, I am financially in good shape, and I have a lot of former colleagues who are very encouraging and willing to offer good ideas and contacts to help me out.   I will be fine.

But my cage is still rattled, just like everyone else who has been in my position.

This experience will, in the end, be very good for me.  I will be more empathetic to those who lose their jobs, to those who feel they are letting themselves and others down, and those who wonder why everyone around them seem to be so much successful than them.  Yeah, my overactive brain has been down all those paths.

But now, it’s time to push forward and take full advantage of the experience.  An executive coach had one recommendation, that I am enthusiastically following now:  writing articles on LinkedIn’s publishing platform to highlight my thoughts on my industry of  the past 16 years, my love of business economics, and my sometimes controversial views as to how they come together.   In otherwords, channel my overactive brain into the data geekiness I enjoy.

Post one and two are already out, and I have four more in the queue.  Look for something once a week.  I welcome your responses and enjoy a good (that means healthy, intellectual, and without vitriol) debate.  It’s just data and economics, after all.

Read, geek out with me, and send me your thoughts!

“Why is Data Such a Hard Sell?"

“Data is not SaaS"

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Back at it

Yeah, it’s been a while, and shame on me for letting the content get so stale, but between settling into a new city, starting with a new company, and moving my (and my partner’s) life from one coast to another, I found myself distracted.

I will use the next few posts to catch up on some of the highlights of the last 12 months, but I will use this one to focus on the current.

The past week or so has been spent recovering from a nasty cold (local folks are referring this one as the “Seattle Plague”) and getting the year started at work.   I am feeling better and my team is in a great place for the year, so I guess that is progress.  Now, it’s time to move beyond the tactics and get longer-term plans in place.

I plan to focus on three things:

  • Grow my professional skills and exposure.  I have been pretty heads-down and tactical with the new job, and haven’t looked outside the four walls enough.  Time to meet people, learn new things, and think about what I want career-wise in 3-5 years.  My team can do the job, so it’s time for me to look for new approaches and strategies.
  • Get the fitness regimen back in place.  Before the “Plague” knocked me off my routine,  I have been active, but I need to step it up, lose about 10-15 pounds (or get my body fat % down where it should be), and push harder to get stronger.  It’s work, but I know I feel better physically and psychologically when I do it.  
  • Work on my compulsion for order and conclusion.  For those of you who subscribe to the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), I am an ENTJ.  The E/I part is not that strong either way, but wow, the N, T and, to a lesser-degree, J, are really high.  What that all means is that I like order, logic, concepts, and having everything wrapped up.  “Loose ends” and me just don’t get along.  That’s neither inherently good or bad, unless it means that I get too wound-up about the realities of life, which often aren’t as conclusive as I’d like.

I guess I just listed belated New Year’s resolutions, but so be it.  I have a to-do list — which is very “J” of me.

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