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On the road again...

Well, changes are (again) afoot.  After a great year+ with FlightGlobal, I decided to look for a new challenge.

Why so soon?

To be candid, I am seeking positions where I can do what I do well — fix problems, build teams, build systems and operations, and develop a quantified approach for sales and marketing that is scalable, sustainable, and fact-based.   Which is exactly what I did for a part of FG that is (still) integrating two sizable acquisitions from Q3 2016 and is seeking to integrate a massive amount of aviation data across multiple lines of business.

But, as has happened before, there was a leadership shakeup and my role went from very strategic and change-oriented to one where I am supposed to “turn the crank” and execute someone else’s strategy.  I could spend hours ruminating as to why this happened, but I think it’s better to simply stay with “it happened.”  It is FG’s call, and while I am proud of the achievements I made in such a short period of time, they decided to move in a different direction.

Yep, sometimes the rain falls on one’s career plans, but that is life… and the best thing to do is move on with your head held high.

So, with that in mind, I packed my things, sold the house before it was even listed (thanks, Matthew Tercek!), and decided to look for a new challenge.  The good news is that my current employer has an exciting project in the UK that they would like me to take on for a few months. After that, we shall see what is next.

I will keep you posted on the ups and downs of my transition and welcome your feedback.  I think most of us have had times when things just don’t go as planned… I think the secret is to respond positively and actively.

We shall see if I am right, no?

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