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My newest acquisition


Atthe risk of sounding like an old(er) man, while my friends were boozing it up over Labor Day weekend in New Orleans, I was wandering up and down Julia and Royal Streets (the end towards  Esplanade) browsing modern art galleries.   I am always pleasantly surprised with the quality and accessibility of art in NoLa and make a point of taking an afternoon for a quiet art walk.   The danger of this hobby, however, is that all of these works are for sale and that I am tempted to buy one of them.

Which leads to the painting above.   It’s titled i need you to be an adult and make adult decisions by Bossier City, Louisiana, artist Joshua Chambers.   It is an acrylic on wood featuring a sloth pulling a cord attached to a cinder block all on a gray to green gradiated background.   Funny thing is that I am not usually interested in surrealist art — I never caught the Dali or Miró bug — yet this one really caught me.   I think it’s because Chambers's style is a quieter and more intellectual take on surrealism.  I also like that he captures a small thought — in this case the anxiety of growing up and facing adult situations — rather than trying to flood the work with mutiple concepts and representations.   In addition, his conciseness in choosing the sloth and the cinder block balances the absurd with the dreamlike, all in a quiet and contemplative way.  There is no shouting nightmare here — just a quiet pang of anxiety.  

Big thanks to Taylor Lyon of Graphite Galleries for his help and his flawless shipping.  Now, I have to find a home for this — any recommendations as to what room best fits a sloth painting? :-)

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