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Go West, (not so) young man!


After 19 years (!) in Atlanta and almost nine in my current job with CMD, I have decided to make a big change.  I accepted a sales leader position with Onvia — a leading provider of information on procurement by state and local government and educational institutions — and am moving to Seattle.

I have had a great run in the South and will always have a soft spot for its people, food, landscape, and culture.  Maybe I won’t miss the heat in August, but all in all, it will be hard to leave.  That beings said, the Pacific Northwest is, to me, the most beautiful part of the US, with incredible beauty amongst its mountains, islands, sounds, and beaches.  Is it a bit gray and drizzly?  Sure, but it’s also cultured, smart, and full of people who are incredibly proud and protective of their beautiful corner of the world.

Mark and I will likely have a footprint in both cities to maintain close ties to friends and family.  I will start my new job in mid-November and will migrate westward over the coming months.  From past experience, I know that change can be a bit scary and stressful, but is generally good.  I grow, gain perspective, and meet a ton of new and wonderful people along the way.  I expect that this transition will be no different.

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