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Ah, the Honeymoon

I had a great week this week.  Wrapped-up week two at my new job and finally had the opprtunity to present my background, goals, and expectations to my new team.  The team is really impressive, by the way, and reminded me how much I missed the positive energy of a work team that is engaged, energetic, and ready to take on the world.  I am still smiling.

I also had a chance to reflect on the “honeymoon periods” we all go through as we enter different phases of our lives.  Whether it is a new job, new city, new relationship, or whatever, there is a magical time window when people around you extend trust to you in a way they otherwise would never do.  When you’re in a honeymoon period, it is so critical to recognize and appreciate that extension of trust and make the most of it.  Manage it well and you can build very positive momentum; mishandle it, and you can permanently diminish your chances for success.  Yes, it’s magical and enjoyable, but the honeymoon can be stressful too.

I am still in my honeymoon with Seattle (do long-time residents really appreciate how beautiful this city is?) and with my job (I am very happy I made the move and feel a very strong pull to do whatever I can to make my team wildly successful), but I can’t help but wonder how long it will last and how much positive momentum I can really build.

I am committed to giving it a damned good try, though.

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