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After two months apart, last week began Mark’s official move from Atlanta to Seattle.  It’s a big ask I made — leave the place of your birth, life, ancestors, and heritage, and move to the other corner of the country and relaunch.  He’s been a real trooper about it all.

This move has really brought into view the importance of rootedness.  One can definitely  live without being rooted in a community, but I think you miss out on a lot.  We are wired to be social and to look to others to better understand ourselves and a jolt like this can be both incredibly enlightening and incredibly stressful.  When you leave (almost) all of your reference points and reintroduce yourself to a new community, you have to rebuild a big part of yourself.  It’s not all bad, and can be stimulating and liberating, but the process is not easy.

I have moved several times in my life and understand the process, the stress, and the effort.  I really appreciate that at 40-something, Mark is willing to try this for the first time.   I am thrilled to have him hear to join me on the journey!

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